Teacher Scholarship Fund

The Teacher Scholarship Fund helps teachers in under-served communities who would otherwise not have access to Project Happiness programs. Let’s start young to prevent bullying and build emotional resilience. Gift a teacher with a scholarship for the Project Happiness curriculum and you will help 20-30 students for life.

Sample Scholarship Request

Our school is a public alternative school. Students who have had behavioral problems in their home school and are unable to be successful in a comprehensive school are placed at our school. Our school serves as a short- or long-term intervention where students are taught the Common Core Curriculum, behavioral strategies in the classroom, and therapeutic interventions from School-based social workers. Our goal is for our students to mainstream back to their home schools with the skills needed for academic, social and emotional success. Our students range from 6th through 12th grade. Our enrollment at this time is 65 students. Demographics:

  • Free/Reduced Price Meals: 80.0%
  • Special Education: 51.0%
  • African-American: 57%

80% of our students qualify for Free/Reduced Price Meals. Many of our students have been exposed to poverty, mental illness and trauma. They are complex individuals with a wide variety of needs and strengths. Our goal would be to use your program with our middle school students.

While I am sure that you hear from many worthy programs in need, I do think that we have a unique situation in that the leadership of our school is highly involved and supportive of implementing more comprehensive social-emotional learning in our school. Also, we have a small, well-managed school filled with highly motivated educators who truly want to make a positive impact on some very complex students. Our school district has 42,000 students. We teach the 65 most difficult students from that population. Our resources are limited. We feel that your program would be a high-quality and well-researched way of more systematically teaching our students self-regulation and other social-emotional skills. We hope that you will consider us for your scholarship for the middle school curriculum.