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What The Moon Can Teach Us About Appreciation

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re currently on a planet floating in space. Yes, this beautiful brilliant home we […]

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5 Lessons Teenage Boys Learn from the Natural World

  One mile in either direction, the river explodes with speed and force, waterfalls crash in a soul-stirring chorus. Between […]

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Gratitude: Good Medicine for Stress and Striving

The Stanford student approached me after the second session of our Exploring Happiness course. “I’m sorry but I have to […]

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3 Simple Ways to Start Living a Life in Gratitude

The science is in! And it undoubtedly proves that gratitude is more than just a simple sentiment. Studies link gratitude […]

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5 Reminders to Make it a Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday as it brings us back to the important things in life… and we’re not talking […]

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How To Meet All Of Life With Love

Is meeting every person, experience and situation in your life from a place of Love really possible?   Or is […]

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