Teach Happiness


For Teachers, Parents, Counselors and Caregivers:

The 9 lesson series teaches lifelong skills that influence the happiness and develop SEL competencies for elementary school-age children.

Benefits include helping students focus and learn, manage emotions, reduce stress and increase empathy. Each module fulfills Common Core Standards and features one letter of the acronym HAPPINESS.

Series includes supplementary workbook, multiple intelligence survey , thematic blogs, and SEL assessment tool.


For Teachers, Parents, Counselors and Caregivers:

This teacher-friendly program, including assessment tools, prepares students for success in life while helping participants learn to:

  • Manage their emotions, and reduce stress
  • Improve focus and academic performance
  • Develop empathy and reduce bullying on a root cause level
  • Build emotional resilience and nurture positive perspectives
  • Identify and build on their strengths
  • Share their gifts to benefit their community
Young Adults


For Young Adults, aged 15 – 115:

Create your own Happiness Movement!

Research shows that we have the ability to increase our own happiness simply through the intentional activities and behaviors we choose.

We offer young adults two FREE ways to grow your happiness:


1) Take the Action For Purpose Challenge

Having a sense of purpose is key to happiness. This challenge utilizes the power of AWE-inspiring experiences to help you tap into your purpose.

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2) Start a Circle  

Gather at school and/or outside of school to practice the 7 Happiness Habits with the support of accountability buddies. All Circlers receive a fun, quick, and thought provoking inspiration every week to discuss amongst friends.  

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Evidence-based research on Project Happiness curriculum.
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Video training offers teacher tips to use the lesson in class, and in a 15 time slot or afterschool setting.

See Sample Video here.

In response to parents and teachers who want to introduce Project Happiness to their schools or districts, we have provided resources to help introduce the program. In addition, we’re happy to welcome you to our Facebook Educator’s Network.

From our content partners at the Greater Good Science Center, explore this 8 week or 3 week introductory online course.

It includes the world’s leading authorities in the field of the Science of Happiness. CEU credits are also available.