Project Happiness was founded on the idea that you don’t need to be a member of elite academia to enjoy the benefits of research-backed happiness strategies. We’re on a mission to make happiness accessible to all and have partnered with experts to bridge the latest in the science of happiness for people in all walks of life.

Because happiness is not a one size fits all formula, our programs are intended to be adapted globally. We need your help to tailor our programs in ways that are sensitive to the specific needs within your community. Join our Ambassadors Program today to bring this movement for global well-being to your corner of the globe!

There are two ways to be part of the Ambassadors Program: 1) As an  Ambassadoror 2) As a Regional Team Member. Read the 4 criteria below to learn what it takes to qualify for a leadership role as an official Regional Coordinator and then fill out the sign up form to apply.

Do you qualify to be a Ambassador? If you can commit to the 4 criteria below the answer is YES.

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As an Ambassador, you're excited to share PH with your network and to actively spread/build/activate movement in the area! You will be the point person or “face project happiness” in your region!

What does this mean? You will be in direct contact with Project Happiness HQ. You will field any interest that comes in from others who live in your region. It will be your responsibility to:

  • Help interested people/groups determine what PH programs are best fit for their purposes - you will be trained how to advise others on creating a best-fit implementation plan.
  • Offer ongoing support and act as a point of contact between HQ and the programs being implemented in your area.

Coordinate the connecting of people/groups with shared interests in your area - the overall goal being to reach as much of your community as possible!

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As an Ambassador, you will be expected to:

  • Check in with HQ periodically via phone/skype to support you in your efforts on the ground, as well as to share program feedback and stories from the field.
  • Input data* periodically and/or when prompted by HQ into the ambassador data system.

*This is will not be extreme data crunching or time extensive analysis - just simple metrics (empirical and anecdotal) such as the number of new schools, successful circles, film screening events, stories of implementation and/or transformation, etc. You will be trained how to do this.

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We are excited to translate all our materials to reach beyond English speaking populations! With the help of volunteers from all over the world, our programs are already in various phases of translation in 8 languages. If you are proficient in your regional language, or can oversee individuals who are, we would be grateful for your help with translations* of:

1) Our programs (K-12 curriculum, circles, 7 doors, film, book)


2) Our social media content (this could include translating the daily habit content, and/or overseeing the publishing of the posts to a new Facebook page created specifically for your language)

**Don’t worry if you don’t speak another language! You still qualify to be an Ambassador if you meet the other 3 requirements!

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As an Ambassador, you can spearhead events yourself or act as a support for others in your area to help them organize and host their own PH events. You will be given a packet of support materials that you can use to help hosts - events can range from film screenings, fundraisers, to giving a talk at a local school. From time to time, PH staff may hold an event in your area and ask you if you can lead recruiting efforts to get participants to attend the event.


UntitledIf you meet the criteria for an  Ambassador above and want more information about our selection process, click this arrow to fill out the input form and someone from Project Happiness HQ will be in touch shortly with the next steps!

- or -

Untitled If you know you can’t commit to the Ambassador responsibilities, but still want to be an integral part of the PH movement in your area, click this arrow to fill out the  Regional Team Member form and someone will be in touch shortly to appraise
you of the PH happenings in your regional network.

Ambassadors across the globe

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What do I get as an Ambassador? +

Once you’ve had an initial screening interview with Project Happiness HQ, we will follow up with a formal offer to be an Ambassador. At that time you will receive our Ambassadors kit, which includes:

  1. Collateral materials, including a press kit with official PH Logo and other support materials.
  2. Program Materials, including downloadable k-12 Curriculum, the PH handbook, the PH film.
  3. Log in info to access Ambassador Tracking System (google doc)
  4. A written agreement of the implementation goals you intend to do in your region, as verbally agreed upon between you and a PH staff member on your first call. Plus any materials needed for you to reach those goals.
  5. Next steps – set up a training date for the Ambassador tracking system and/or a date for the next check in.

Will I be trained? +

Yes, once you’ve received your formal invite to join the Ambassadors program a Project Happiness staff will be in contact to set up a time to train you.

What is the protocol for sharing my copies of the curriculum with others? +

When you receive your copy of the curriculum it is expected that you will share it with discretion to those in your network. If in doubt, contact Project Happiness about sharing regulations

I'd like to be an Ambassador for a constituency group that doesn't have regional designation +

No problem! Fill out the form for Ambassador and we will customize a implementation plan for the group you have in mind. We hope that our programs will reach beyond geographical boundaries to groups from all walks of life ( i.e. religious organizations,  government institutions, underserved populations, your local neighborhood group, etc) and we are willing to work with you to figure out the best way to spread happiness to your community.